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Default Re: Tesla m40 burned my motherboard VRM

Ok probably you are right about motherboard VRM since is 12v and shouldn't be going through motherboard VRM.

I do however tested 12v pcie pins looking at the pinout (first 3 side B)

to ground and they read like shorted. I don't know much about video cards but doesn't looks right to me.

I am thinking to test 3.3v lines too. Just guessing.

The FETs on the VRAM VRM don't read like shorted. They look ok and I saw no shorts there.

I did some measurements on the small smd caps before vCore VRM and some read shorted (but not necessarily they are bad for that I guess). Was thinking to desolder them with station and test outside.

Yes I am probably replacing those R33 inductors preemptively if I manage to make this card work. It wouldn't be that difficult with station since they are relatively big.

You know what kind of measurements I could do there? Maybe a tutorial here at the forum? I saw this youtube video that looks interesting

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