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Default Re: Tesla m40 burned my motherboard VRM

I found this youtube video with a guy diagnosing something similar. Short in those pciex lines. (different shunt) Says looks repairable. I hope my GPU didn't fried.

According to what I understood there, one of the FETs feeds from the pciex slot and got shorted. According to the test he did in those small caps, my second DrMOS from top to bottom is shorted.

So if I guess the safe move here would be to remove that FET and see if the short is gone. Then if gone put a new one and replace the cracked choke and the bulged shunt. See if things look right. Power it and pray .

Question is there a way I can know if the GPU is not a rock now? Resistance gives me 2.9-3 ohms. But my meter I don't think is that good. Meter points touching gives me 0.6 ohms. RAM gives me like 50 ohms resistance so looks fine.
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