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Default Gigabyte GA-z68xp-ud3p no power

Hi folks:

I have this motherboard GA-z68xp-ud3p. I know my brother connected it and he said to me "smoke came from the unit" afer one day of functioning. No idea from where the smoke came. I supposed it was from the PSU but not clear. Well fact is I have a working CPU and working RAM. New PSU. I asked them to send me the combo board + CPU + RAM. I live in another country separated from my family. Well fact is motherboard doesn't turns on. Not even this new PSU turns on the fan. I suppose there are two options. Or the MB has some short or the "turn on" signal is not arriving to the PSU. Fans do nt try to start nothing. I measured 3.3 volts in the power on pins. Those where the ON button is connected. I also feel some electricity in the shields when I touch them. however nothing starts. I removed the battery for a long while to see if CMOS gets cleared. Still this CR2032 has 3.0 volts as measured by the meter. I tried to see with continuity testing between ground and all voltages from the 24 pins connector. Nothing no short. I also measured th 12 volts CPU 8 pins connector, nothing, no short. No idea on what could be wrong with this damn thing. Totally ran out of ideas. Looking for some enlightenment. Nothing looks burned in the board and doesn't smells burned at all. All looks by view quite normal. CPU and RAM is ok as tested in another motherboard.

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