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Default Re: Gigabyte GA-z68xp-ud3p no power

UPDATE: I managed to make it start. Sometimes it even boots sometimes it doesn't. I attached a dignostics card and sometimes it reports "bad signal check CPU block" sometimes I see the BIOS messages appearing in the dignostics card (I don't have a video card). I suppose it is the CPU VRM failing or something. Sometimes it goes back to not even power on. If I disconnect the 20+4 pins and attach a connector with a jumper that came this PSU with but leave the 12 V CPU lines connected the PSU starts. It is an EVGA 600 Watts PSU. This makes me believe it is a bad capacitor somewhere failing randomly. Now the big question... wich one? It would be quite a drama to just desolder them all and test them. They all seem ok but they are not bulged or anything. They look like high quality capacitors. Those covered in metal. But this looks very much like bad caps symptom. Any ideas?
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