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Default Re: xbox 360 blowing mosfet

I should test those small SMD caps around the chip for shorts at least. Maybe some burned SMD resistor could shed some light without a scope. I have that transistor tester I modded a little bit adding some aligator clips that has ESR testing but don't think is too good. Fact is I have measured bulged electrolitic caps that have what looks good ESR (at least not altered compared to good ones) but they leak a lot (doesn't keep charge too well). I should check the QFN soldering as well. Looks good at least (visually I mean) but that format is quite problematic to solder at least for me. And not quite easy to test for shorts. Gotta buy a microscope as well eventually for visual inspections. Definitely is that circuit. It booted well (except for the BGA problems) when I putted the 5v from the ATX. I don't wanna do a reflow with heat gun cause so far I've got shorts for an XBOX 1.8v and a no power for a motherboard. Lack of expertise in that.
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