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Default Re: Philips 234e problem

Yes this is being rather elusive. Aliexpress have a number of vendors who have SM4043. None I have seen link to a datasheet

I think i will have to apply the 5V and 3.3V from bench PSU to the panel edge PCB and see if the the SM4043 runs. Then I can see what sort of current it draws if it does. As I said I can't find any shorts on the panel PCB. I also tested for shorts from all the test points on the panel PCB to ground.

Is it possible to have a screen panel that basically acts like a short circuit load when under power but shows nothing obvious on a multimeter?

Maybe the problem is with the regulator on the main board which converts the input 19V to 5V/3V for the Panel PCB, if I can determine the SM4034 works with a bench supply, I can look their instead.

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