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Originally Posted by dmill89 View Post
Since I have a 4WD truck with good ground clearance I can generally make it to work without having to clear the driveway (and if we get too much snow for my truck to make it through the office will probably be closed anyhow). That being said I can't wait too long to clear snow as I have sidewalks (and a large corner lot so a few hundred feet of sidewalk to clear, hence the snow blower) which Township ordinance requires I clear within 48 hours of the end of the storm.
The "rush" to get it done before driving on it was motivated by the near impossibility of removing the snow once it had been compressed under the weight of the tires -- once departing for work and then, again, when returning home. And, the fear that any rain or daytime warming would result in that turning into a block of ice when it refroze.

So, I'd wait until the morning rush was over before even thinking about going outside (I like to sleep late :> ). And, if possible, wait until the plow had been by so his pass wouldn't undo my efforts at the curb!
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