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Default Re: best cheap/free scores 1.1

Originally Posted by Curious.George View Post
I've been stuffing them in my t610 thin clients. I run them diskless AND headless!

They normally PXE boot from a server I have in another room. But, from time to time, I misconfigure things and I won't be able to "talk" to it (over the wire). Then, have to drag out a monitor and keyboard to see what the thing is complaining about.

With these SSDs -- small capacity as they are -- I can put a complete BSD on each machine and configure the boot order to be "PXE" followed by "disk". So, if the PXE boot fails, the "disk" can provide an OS that can talk to the outside world without the need for a monitor/keyboard for troubleshooting.

I'm not sure they'd be of much use in an HTPC as you still need a disk to host your content (?). But, I'll watch for the next batch that comes in.

BTW, I've a box for you that's been sitting in the living room (pissing off my other half!) for several weeks that just hasn't made it to the Post Office. I only "get out" one day a week and do so early enough that the PO isn't yet open. On my return, it has been too damn hot (110F) to make a side trip there -- I just want to get back home and cool down as I've been out in the heat up 'til then.

I will try to make an effort to get to it this coming week. Which will cut down on some of the grumbling I'm subjected to... <frown> (I'll PM when I get 'er done)
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