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Originally Posted by dragos2009 View Post
i wish i had as much ram as there is in the picture
Memory is insidious. You scrap a machine and you immediately think of pulling the memory (for some dubious future need). And, toss it in a box for when that day comes.

And, you do this over and over again -- sometimes pulling "old" memory from a box to fit some need. But, more often, just letting the pile build (cuz newer machines want newer/bigger sticks).

In order to effectively dig through that pile, it has to be kept sorted: specialty memory separate from more conventional; "laptop" from desktop from server; different technologies and speed grades, etc. So, it takes up even more room than it might, otherwise.

[I keep memory sorted into 10 18"x6"x6" boxes filled with ziploc and "altoid" tin so it's a full shelf "wasted" on memory!]

Cables are almost as insidious. They're easier to sort -- but take up a lot more space.

So... to reclaim space, the cable and memory collections are the first target! (How many spare VHDCI cables does one really need to keep on hand??)
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