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Default Re: "Smart" TVs

O.k. Codecs in firmware updates, that is not happening. For example you have a 40JUxxxx 1080p. It has x264 codec but not the x265 codec that the 40MUxxxx 4k has. They will not update codecs as such. This is actually one of my biggest reasons running the Intel NUC.

Depending on how many files you want to store in the library, $$$ will tell you if you want to go the PC route or a NAS route. You need processing power and there isn't much happening under an Intel I5 when you get into the higher resolution and futureproof stuff. Unfortunately these NAS's are not cheap at all... Look at QNAP or Synology. Don't go for the WD MyClould etc. Reason here is, because QNAP and the Synology are the only ones that actually can check the HDD's for errors periodically from A to Z. Look what happened to me a few months ago (thought I had performance issues in the NUC or the network, turned out to be bad HDD's in the NAS!), had 2 HDD's in my RAID 5 fail at the same time. Sucks.

The Intel NUC has no performance or any issues at all. It just runs like a champ. Reliability is very good, even if something fails, you can swap it (besides the CPU that is soldered on the board). Usability, I guess that depends on what OS you want to run on it, Winblows, Linux, whatever you like, as it is a mini PC with real laptop RAM, SSD, laptop CPU, etc. I use it also to watch a show I like on YouTube, check emails, browse on the internet, look something up... I did put an "air mouse" to my NUC. That is kind of a must. I didn't like the wireless keyboard all the time.

All in a nutshell, I think you want more than a "Smart TV" per se can offer you. My advise is a 4k TV and put the smarts in yourself and set it up as you like. Once you have it set up like I do, there is no going back to the Smart TV OS's, as these look and work "half assed". O.k., a given is that I still have a little box besides the TV, but: I don't have to frigg around with EMMC's when they go bad, replace the android box at least once every 2 years, have freedom on whatever OS I choose, have more processing power than these android boxes, can run VLC player (that eats just about any codec and can be set up for IPTV) and what ever else. I guess it is up to you now to decide how much $$$ you want to spend and what kind of BANG you get! For me, I just got tired of the Android, Tizen and what ever crap.

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