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Default Re: Trying to De-solder an Xbox Elite series 2 gaming controller.

Like SAM noted, try practicing on some scrap boards first to get a feel for SMD work. Also, forget about using wick with that soldering iron - it's not going to work well at all. You need good flux instead, as that is key to SMD soldering. Would also probably be useful to have some 60-40 leaded solder around (if not straight low-temp melt solder) to soften some of the lead-free solder on the board.

Originally Posted by stj View Post
try not burning the flux, you dont solder at 450' - you need 350'
350C won't be any good though, as his station uses 900M series tips. Those are just not good enough for soldering on tougher Pb-free ML PCBs (which the Xbox is.)

T12 is where the money's at. With a powerful-enough station, those can transfer a lot more heat. I regularly use my 75-Watt T12 station to directly desolder TO-252 MOSFETs from Xbox 360 motherboard with the help of a 30-Watt iron. No hot air or pre-heating needed at all.

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