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Default Samsung LE37B530P7W 37" dead power supply

I found a 22" LG TV in the garbage two weeks ago and fixed it by replacing dry caps. I got excited and decided to fix other TVs. It's difficult to source broken tech for free around here, so I bought a 37" Samsung next. The seller was nice enough to include another smaller broken TV and delivered them to my home.

The small TV has an external power supply and can't turn on (light goes from red to yellow for a second, then back to red), but my biggest issue is with the big TV:

I opened it up and turns out it was already opened. There were 2 fuses installed, one of them was burnt. I replaced the dead one with another working fuse, closed the lid and saw a flash of light when plugging the cable.

Turns out, not all fuses are the same. There's slow and fast fuses, plus the capacity and voltage. The old owner had tried putting two 1A fast fuses in. I added a fast 1.6A and it made the other original 1A fuse die (it looked like a dish left unatended in the oven).

There's the right value printed on the board: T3.15AH250V & T5AH250V.

It would be really easy to fix, but I noticed that some components look burned. I don't know if the old owner did this or it was me, since the upper fuse didn't burn. Theres CM806 that is completely melted. Others, including some jumpers, have a dark spot around the hole. I tested the resistance of the two huge capacitors but they appear to be dead and have dark spot around the negative terminal. I should get a proper capacitance tester to be sure.

Should I try replacing all the components and see what happens? If the TV hadn't been opened, I would be 100% sure that the CPU and TCON boards work.

The two TVs cost me 20. A new power board should be around 50-60. The bigger TV sells for 100. The smaller must be around 20. I can focus on the small one to see if I can recover what I spent.
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