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Default Re: Favorite Consumer/Small Biz Grade Networking Equipment

Originally Posted by ratdude747 View Post
Currently my home setup is:

2x 3Com gigabit unmanaged 24 port switches. $30 a pop on eBay, Topcat uses a few of them too with similarly good results.

Netgear Nighthawk R7000. Mine was a $25 salvation army score, but I later found one at a goodwill outlet for about $1.50 (sold per pound!) which I traded to Topcat (no complaints?). Funny enough, these are still sold new for $160 a hit...

EtherWAN-EX17162 10/100 16 port managed POE switch (with two gigabit uplink ports). Cheapest POE switch/multiport injector solution I could find (eBay, $50). Used for a few security cameras. It works... nothing much to say either way. The cameras do seem to lock up semi-frequently though... but that's not what this thread is about.

Other than the router, a lot of it is beyond "small biz grade"... but I got it pretty cheap, and the switches are cheap enough that if one was worried about failures, it'd be trivial to buy a second used unit for such. Which is why I went that route... best bang for buck!

Ha, R7000, I still have one of those around here somewhere. Used it as my primary router for a long, long time, before I used an Asus for a while (eww) and then the EdgeRouters. Plenty good for most people and surprisingly stable for consumer grade. Got it for free. Perhaps I should throw it on eBay if I can find it. Although a spare good router is always handy.
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