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Default Yaesu VR5000

I have had this radio in the workshop for some time now and am getting no-where with it. Customer reported complete loss of receive, when asked it was working one day and the next no receive. I was able to obtain part of a service manual which is little more than some pdfs of board layout, block diagram and circuit diagrams, none of these are searchable.

Connecting this to a sig generator confirms the radio is completely deaf, I mean nothing, nada with a starting signal of 5uv upwards, I have checked this across the five bands this scanner covers and same result. Everything else on the radio works fine display, menu's buttons etc.

Does anyone have a more complete service / technical manual for this radio, and any ideas where to start a (list of voltages and test points would be useful). I would post pics but there is nothing obvious to note on the boards just a pile of smd stuff.

Thanking you all in advance
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