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Default Re: Treadmill Motor Control Board 032669-IF


Thank you everyone for replies, I will make sure to upload close photos of both side of the card asap tomorrow... I did the visual inspections and nothing seems faulty visually but I didn't do the tests with a multimeter yet, I've been reading on some other websites and forums about similar issue and it seems quite commons that these controller boards fail and some figured out what is the issue, but they are just selling repair service a refurbished card at high price point... this controller board is used in several Treadmills (made by Johnson) and I am trying to find a service manual of anyone of them or the schematics to be able to figure out the issue, there is 5 Led on the board and 4 test points but right now I don't have set up a test bench to be able to know what is going on with the card, the original owner of the treadmill told me that it is making sparks (but I think he was describing the sound of clicking relay) myself I extracted the card now but I didn't test it on the machine... I was hoping to find some documentation or someone who know more about can point me to the right direction.
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