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Default Re: Treadmill Motor Control Board 032669-IF

Thanks so much for your answer llonen it helps a lot indeed!

I would like to learn about how to fix this myself as I am a electronic hobbyist but I lack testing hardware for the moment (I just have a multimeter and a soldering station) and the appropriate knowledge of course too ... If I understood you well, I should better plug it back and see if the LED help me figure out the issue or some other signs and proceed from there?

I am more looking for about how to proceed and what I better begin with even if I am in need to fix this quickly and put it back and start doing some training as I gained too much weight lately due to the first period of strict confinement and no matter how much I am exercising outdoor during the summer I am still stuck with the extra pounds and Canadian winter isn't going to help unless I get this working... and I prefer to buy some electronics gear (oscilloscope, microscope etc) than a replacement controller card for sure!

So any help will be appreciated and I will help to make less stuff will finish in landfill.
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