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Default Re: Treadmill Motor Control Board 032669-IF

Yes I don't suspect the motor, I didn't put the card back yet to see the status of LEDs (lack of space where I live) but I am also still looking for the service manual of this card, I found that is goes by this reference SZTM113MCB as well and I really looked for it all around the web but without luck... I mainly need this to be able to check the test points and see if I can pinpoint at least where the problem is coming from and then I will just purchase the most suspicious parts in that area and just replace them without any further investigation and see if it solves the issue... I really wish to fix this asap and move on so it doesn't take a lot of space for long without being of any benefit to me, like some much other stuff that I hoarded lately with the hope to fix them too.

All capacitors seem fine, but I am willing to replace them too to prevent any future issue once I fix this...

Should I put a bounty on the table so someone get more motivated to help me with this?
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