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Default Re: Würth Elektronik Electrolytic Capacitors Official Thread

Originally Posted by Cartel View Post
I just bought some kemet for my old pyramid ps35
they gotta be better that the yec's that are in it.
I'm surprised the yec's made it this far...

That bullseye bung is a total letdown though...I hate those.
Ah. good old YUCK caps.

I imagine they probably survived because the power supply uses a line-type transformer rather than switch mode design. And perhaps your unit doesn't run hot? I know heat kills GP crap cap brands fairly quickly otherwise. But remove heat, and sometimes they tend to do OK with a bit of luck.

As for the KEMET caps... yeah that bullseye bung doesn't inspire much confidence either. Makes one wonder if KEMET actually makes these electrolytic caps themselves or rather just buys them from some other cheap cap company and slaps their name on them. If it's the latter, no telling how long they will last... in which case, it might not be a bad idea to keep the old YEC caps, just in case.
(Actually, if you do repairs often, it may not be a bad idea to keep those YEC caps anyways. As long as they test in spec or somewhat close, they'd still do better than failed caps.)
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