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Default Re: Your Best Dumpster Finds

Originally Posted by kaboom View Post
Sure, because that "Replace Power" crap dumped on/by Ebay is always better than the Newton was.

Those NPS-xyz, with old caps, are still better than those RP things which have fake caps.

One month is all they last, usually killing mobo caps in time, which aren't supposed to take place of those in the PSU!
If you're paying someone to fix it, I understand PSU replacement over repair, with normal labor rates, the cost to repair will often exceeded the cost of replacement (at least the 300-500w units found in most OE computer systems). Not to mention I could see a liability risk for a shop in repairing something that could potentially start a fire (even if it isn't a faulty repair, they will likely still try to sue you if you worked on it and you will have to incur the expenses to defend yourself), versus putting in a UL certified replacement PSU from a major manufacture and it starts a fire the liability will likely fall on that manufacture or importer. What I definitely don't understand is people replacing a good quality OE PSU with junk, the (relatively) small difference in price is never worth it. Unfortunately many people don't understand the difference between a good PSU and junk, and think all PSUs with the same rated wattage (regardless of whether the rating is realistic) are the same and think saving that $10-15 for a junk unit over a "good" one is a good deal, than are surprised when it fries their motherboard or other components costing far more than the "savings" in short order (or even if it just dies without damaging anything else, there is the cost of replacing it again).

What really amazes me on ebay though, is that many people would buy a new Chinese junk PSU over a used/NOS Delta/Newton/Seasonic/etc. that costs the same price or less.
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