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Default Re: Philips 234e problem

Yes as far as I have determined there is only one +5V on the LVDS, but I will check again now I stopped the chirping with the LVDS connected.

So Yes the other voltages must be developed on the TCON. I can see three inductors, L3 generates 1.8V, L1 generates 5V (which seems a bit odd as we already have a 5V supply).

L2 I don't know what it should generate because the power supply chirps when it is fitted (but I have seen anything from 3.5V to 7V on it. But I will assume it is a high voltage like 15V to 20V

I can only assume the fuse on the TCON does not blow because the supply cuts out (chirps) first

No I didn't try supplying 5V to the panel PCB from my bench supply, I will try that next, with L2 fitted

I'll also try to get my multimeter in series with L2 and measure the current, I should be able to do that by soldering some 'legs' to it, or soldering a low value sense resistor in series and measuring across that.

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