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Default a1286 Dead CPU ? No PPVCORE / No PP0V75_S0_DDRVTT


2011 a1286 820 2915-B , no water damage.

Turns fans on with keyboard attached (but reach max rpm after minute progressively), NO CHIME, USB mouse light up, removing memory no white led blinks nor beeps, onewire is fine green led then amber and charges ok.... but

Power Aliases manually checked all one by one and all in range!!

All present and in range except for:

PP1V5_S0 = Missing
PP0V75_S0_DDRVTT = Missing


PPVCORE_S0_CPU = Missing
PPVCORE_S0_AXG = Missing

I want someone to give me a way to determine if dead CPU here, not a clear and easy procedure to diagnose NO BRAIN/PCH.

I would like to start at PP0V75_S0_DDRVTT because U7300 is clean but PIN 3 is 0v (PP0V75_S0_DDRVTT) , but
PPVTTDDR_S3 is 0,75V

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