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Default Re: Your Best Dumpster Finds

Originally Posted by Sparkey55 View Post
ATI DELL PCI-E 16x Graphics card but no dongle for connecting to monitors...
I'm guessing that ATI PCI-E video card has a DMS-59 connector. You can get the adapters on eBay for about $3-5.

Most people don't know any better, so they throw out the system but keep that DMS-59 adapter, thinking it is something valuable that they can put to use. And it's not.

Originally Posted by Compgeke View Post
No idea, I never looked into them. Not enough power connectors and not a very high wattage
That's because those power supplies are designed to meet the demands of those PCs. Not enough connectors because the case really can't accommodate more than 2-3 HDDs and 2 optical drives. And not high power, again, because the PSU was designed to be enough for that PC.

Originally Posted by Compgeke View Post
never considered them worth my time.
Dell uses good quality power supplies, so I'd say it IS worth the time to check them out. Obviously the older Bestec or Lite-On units with the tan conductive glue can be a pain to work on, and thus I can understand if people consider those "not worth my time". But many Delta and HiPro units certainly are (save for that one HiPro model that likes to go "kaboom", as stj noted). Typically, they just need a recap and they are as good as new. If you have the caps in stock, it can take just as much time to fix one as it would to purchase a new one. The difference is, you know exactly the quality of the new caps, because you are the one changing them.

So IMO definitely worth popping the cover and taking maybe 5 minutes to see what is wrong.

Originally Posted by dmill89 View Post
Not to mention I could see a liability risk for a shop in repairing something that could potentially start a fire (even if it isn't a faulty repair, they will likely still try to sue you if you worked on it and you will have to incur the expenses to defend yourself)
I agree with what you say, but if everyone thinks like this, then no one would ever attempt to do anything "risky" for anyone else.

That's why you should always have a shop policy / TOS and have your customers read it and sign it. As with many policies/agreements, you should always have a clause that "frees" you from liability/subsequent damages... you know, the typical "customer assumes all responsibility" BS we always see.

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