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Default Re: Your Best Dumpster Finds

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
That's why you should always have a shop policy / TOS and have your customers read it and sign it. As with many policies/agreements, you should always have a clause that "frees" you from liability/subsequent damages... you know, the typical "customer assumes all responsibility" BS we always see.
Recapping in no way modifes a power supply, thereby retaining its UL listing. Yes, parts may be changed, but only for like equivalents. No modifications to the circuits or especially, insulation/clearances or transformers, is made.

Now if someone transplanted the guts of an easy-to-find Deer into a certain hard to find older unit, then there's a problem. And that "older" unit may not be so hard to fix anyway...

If anything, power supplies end up "safer" than they originally were- conductive glue removed (if present), excess lead length trimmed, visual inspection, etc. And gee, maybe more DC voltage than ripple, so it doesn't kill attached loads.
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