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Default Re: Your Best Dumpster Finds

Found a universal AC/DC motor near the same industrial dumpster I always check. Rated for 208/240 V, 1.7A, 380 Watts. Didn't smell like burned wires, so I took it. Seems to run fine when stator and rotor are wired in series ("suicide" motor). Not so happy with a parallel connection, though (draws a lot of current). Perhaps this was out of a washing machine? Anyways, the brushes don't appear worn, but there was quite a bit of brush material deposits under the brushes. Is this normal?

Also found some kind of a round 8" A/C duct with a long run of Nichrome heating wire in it. Maybe out of a heating / forced air system. Probably got thrown out because there was a break in the Nichrome wire. Of course, I didn't take the whole thing, just the Nichrome wire. The wire itself is very thick - around 18 AWG maybe. The whole run has about 10-15 Ohms resistance. Would sure make a good PSU load.

Originally Posted by Sparkey55 View Post
Just bought a quanity of two DMS59 to VGA dongles on ebay for a total of $10. One to use with the card and the other as a spare. Thank you Momaka.
You are welcome!
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