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Default Re: Asus UX510U issue with 8 keys on the Keyboard

Originally Posted by JG2018 View Post
Ok will try resistance mode measurments also and will let you know (you mean put in 200 Ohms on multimeter mode with red on ground and black on pin, correct?)
No! Put one probe on one pin of the connector and one probe on the corresponding pin of the ene chip. The polarity doesn't matter in this case.

Originally Posted by JG2018 View Post
I've test continuity of each pin of Keyboard connector to pins of ENE IC and have continuity for each pins but not for the fourth first pins (so the 2 different diode mode measumrents + 2 OL).
I assume the first 4 pins are supply pins. Probably 2 gnd and 2 vcc.
Two of those should be 0 Ohm to gnd.
Please upload good photos of it.

Originally Posted by JG2018 View Post
I can try to make the flex thicker but it does exactly the same with a brand new keyboard.

Please let me know your thinking
A new keyboard won't replace the connector my friend. Theres probably or most likely a problem with the connector. Do you have a microscope? Take a look inside the connector and make sure all pins look alright. This also works with a flashlight and good eyes. The pin pitch isn't that small on those.
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