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Default Re: best cheap/free scores 1.1

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
Amazing that technology from nearly 20 years ago can still be relevant. Granted it has it's caveats.
That said, I have never had any of my (CRT) monitors need an external coil to degauss them (save for my Hitachi CM814, which developed a bad contact/joint midway through degauss, and now that monitor is really jacked up. Need to open it, but it's a packed 21" and not as user-friendly to open as the pro Sony's.)
Amazing that CRTs are still relevant. It's not as crisp as an LCD or LED... but it still works. Posting from it now actually (as was the post you quoted).

Originally Posted by Dan81 View Post
Another score. ASUS K70IC lappy.

nVidia MCP79D chipset, Intel T4300 CPU (Pentium Dualcore), 4GB RAM, no HDD, Sony/NEC-Optiarc DVD-RW drive.

Has a bad GPU (removable MXM-II Geforce GT220M 1GB, which is actually a 9600GT) but otherwise the chipset (MCP) works fine (tested with a spare 4650 I had from an Acer). I've already ordered a Radeon HD4570 (512M but DDR3 over the GT220's DDR2) and should have it running soon, depending on postage times.
Too bad you aren't local, I have a spare 512mb 9300M out of an Asus X83V. Out of my old one that fried (bought another one and combined them). If yours is like mine, there's no BIOS whitelists and it will mod up really easy. The only mod my X83V wouldn't accept is a C2Q upgrade (Topcat and I tried, no good).

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