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Default Re: best cheap/free scores 1.1

Originally Posted by ratdude747 View Post
Too bad you aren't local, I have a spare 512mb 9300M out of an Asus X83V. Out of my old one that fried (bought another one and combined them). If yours is like mine, there's no BIOS whitelists and it will mod up really easy. The only mod my X83V wouldn't accept is a C2Q upgrade (Topcat and I tried, no good).
Mine might have some whitelist of sorts - nVidia cards work regardless of manufacturer, but the only Radeon HD4650 that I have locks up the system (though it works fine on the Acer it came from).

My guess is the BIOS only knows of certain VID_PIDs for MXM GPUs, and hence why for the HD4650 it uses the most appropriate dev. IDs to determine what GPU it is. Because of that, I'm assuming it's using the 4570 device ID and that's why it locks up - my 4650 doesn't like that, and locks the ASUS up.

I happened to find someone selling an ASUS branded HD4570 out of a K70AB (so the closest model possible - it's same as the K70IC except AMD instead of Intel) and now I'm waiting for it to arrive, along with an Acer 6530 mobo. I didn't want to take any more chances with other manuf. cards, especially since the HD4570 is also listed on Aliexpress (I think) as working on the K70IC (and wouldn't be surprising, considering it cane from a K70 series laptop)

Originally Posted by momaka View Post

Why does such contraption even exist? VGA is always analog, so this passive "converter" will never accomplish anything.

Nice score on that HD4850! Just keep it cool, and it will last a long time. That stock cooler may or may not be good enough. Definitely use RBE to edit BIOS so that fans run at 100% when GPU temp reaches 60C or over. My usual setup is 30-40% for temperatures under 35-40C (depending on card cooler capabilities and noise) and 100% for anything above 60-62C. Using the linear ramp of the HD series in the BIOS should let the GPU cool pretty well if the cooler is adequate.

Speaking of which, I have a very similar looking ASUS HD4870 that I bought from eBay for $7 shipped to my door. Can't tell from your pictures if the cooler on yours is the same or smaller. On mine, I think it uses a 90 mm fan. Otherwise it's the same style cooler (maybe thicker.) Works just well enough to cool the GPU when room temperatures are 18C or lower and GPU load is 70% or less.
I have no idea why does it exist in the first place. What's more bizarre is that it does work on other laptops or GPUs that have DVI-D, but on nothing that uses DVI-I. I don't know what weird juju happens in there that makes it work on regular DVI-D ports, but I'm keeping it nevertheless, it looks interesting.

As for the HD4850 - I just repasted it (the original paste was literally stone dry) with some Arctic MX4, cleaned the fan of all the dust (T&T by the way, but it seems it's working fine now, just needed a dab of bike oil) and so far it doesn't have any issue. I haven't checked the temps on it, just put it on a test bench (MSI G41T-P26, 3GB DDR3, Q9400) and it POST'd on first try with no artefacts, using a old DVI-I/VGA adapter I have from a Geforce 9500GT bundle (Gigabyte + Leadtek, great cards as well).
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