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Default Re: Motorcycle flasher mystery.

Incandescent lamps are an inductive load actually, the filament is a double wound coil. So there is a voltage spike when they switch off as well as inrush current of around 5-10x their normal current when they turn on.
Car makers have caps across the flasher contacts like 0.02uF in order to suppress the voltage spike noise. Sounds like the inrush current of the extra lamps (going on) was causing a glitch in 12V power, or voltage spike (going off) and the misfires.
The Ignition Module is a bit weird having connections to the Clutch/Kickstand/Neutral switches which might be picking up noise. If the misfires were when driving. I think the switches retards ignition timing maybe.

But LED lamps are the way to go, as long as they have a decent viewing angle.
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