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Default Re: Amstrad DVD Player cheap recap

Originally Posted by momaka View Post

And I've also left $5-10 for a few of the items, despite them being free.
Usually, I ask them if they need anything related to PCs/electronics in generall that I could give them for free if I have it on stock.

Originally Posted by momaka View Post

We have these people here too. It used to bother me a lot... but when I thought about it, not so much anymore. After all, if these people have the storage space to keep such things, then why not. At some point, even these "now worthless" DVD players may become a little more valuable... like maybe 10-15 years down the road when there are much fewer of them. That's how it was here with the CRT monitors. 10-15 years ago, I've had people who said they couldn't thank me enough for actually coming to pickup their CRT monitor(s) - even the guy that gave me the two GDM-FW900 beasts . Whereas now, the moment I see a listing for one on my Cragislist - and that's very very rarely (like once a year or so) - it gets taken within a day usually, especially if it was listed for free or "cheap" (relative to what eBay prices are now, anyways.)
This is my point of view on this: Since, I don't have the patience/guts/time/space to start putting ads everywhere and try to make a profit reselling things, it is fine by me for other people to get things from me and try to make a profit selling them.

The only exception is when someone gives away something on a forum for example and a number of people say they are interested in getting it and some of them even need it and in the end it goes into the hands of someone that puts it for sale right after. This bothers me, but there is no easy way to tell who is honest and who is not.

Btw I have quite a collection of CRT computer monitors and CRT TVs, maybe I should consider donating some of them.

Originally Posted by momaka View Post

Of course, if these people keep the prices absurdly high for no reason, then no one will buy the thing and they may eventually end up scrapping it... which would be a shame, since you did put some of your time and effort into fixing it. To me, this is more or less the same as being (indirectly) disrespectful to the creator/maker/tech who fixed the item. IDK, maybe I'm weird like that, but I never liked destroying perfectly good things.
That's what happens unfortunately in the end.

And what is considered valuable or junk changes from time to time. People here were so desperate to get rid of CRT Tvs they almost paid people to take them. Now everyone wants these for retro computing/gaming.

Same with VHS, you could find VCRs for free or dirt cheap everywhere, I found a perfectly working Orion unit near the trash some years ago. But now this started to change. There are a couple of active ads on marketplace from people asking to buy VHS recorders and VHS cassettes. VHS units sell in less than 48 hours now. And don't get me started about audio cassette comeback

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