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Default Re: Panasonic FC series - leaking? quality gone?

Originally Posted by pc7fan View Post
Am wondering as well. I've also seen a few FCs leak in older GM/Ford ECUs. likewise Nichicon PF/PL/PR, NCC LXF/LXJ leakers that I can remember that I've seen in many 80s/90s old electronics. Does anybody know if FC uses quaternary ammonium salts or something related like the early Low ESR from that era? Am aware that FC is non-aqueous.
LXJ too? Yikes. Never seen one leak before but I wouldn’t put it past them. I know they were also used in old proprietary Newton Power 200W PSUs from 20+ year old Dells. FC should not use the quaternary ammonium salts. Chemi-con released a notice in 2003 (attached in this post) maintaining that none of their series in production at the time used the quaternary salts, including SXE, whose older datecodes were also known leakers. But I noticed LXJ was not included in that document. I initially thought it was because it was going out of production at the time. Maybe the real reason is due to the usage of quaternary salts in the electrolyte.
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