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Originally Posted by captainKKK View Post
Shame on SONY. Early on I got an external Sony smart box and 5 years ago, bought a high end Sony 50" led, only to be informed this month that neither will support Netflix starting in 2020. I will never buy Sony again, vote with your money. At least an Android box can updates it apps , but be careful, once you start using a 40" TV as a monitor, you will never go smaller
How to avoid this:
1) Never trust the stuff on smart TVs. Use your own equipment and plug it into the TV.
Don't buy those $10 PSU "specials". They fail, and they have taken whole computers with them.

For computer parts, go to Newegg

For electrical stuff(pushbuttons, capacitors, etc), use Digikey

My computer doubles as a space heater.

Windows 10? Only if you like forced, buggy updates and 24/7 telemetry.

Samsung = Seagate = Seatrash = Trashgate
Don't buy Seagate drives. Don't use Seagate drives. If you have any in service right now, make plans to replace them ASAP.

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