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Default Re: Master power switch for E-bike ideas

Originally Posted by petehall347 View Post
wondering if you can get contactors for DC . bit more manly than relays . might use more juice to hold them in though .
They might be expensive/bulky. Already relays rated for high-ish DC are already outside my price range ! Also yes, there's the power consumption issue. I'm thinking to ditch the relay idea and have some sort of large mechanical switch with 3 positions: one "off" position, a second "inrush limit" position and one "ON" position. To get to the ON position, you'd have to go through the intermediary one first which charges the caps. Of course, there would be nothing preventing the average idiot from attempting to ride the bike on the actual inrush limit resistor if they don't turn the switch all the way......trying to figure out a way to mitigate this.
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