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Default Help identify part JE9-3 relay and a repaceent.

Hello, people.
I hope you are all doing fine and well in these crazy times.

I have a question about a relay as I can't find this specific model.
The markings say:


Now, this is likely a 24V latchig relay. I took it out of a light timer device used in residential buildings: you press the light switch in the hallway, the stairway lights come on and then turn off after the time set on the device has elapsed (the time is set with a pot).
The relay stopped working and something rattles inside it, so it's probably the cause why the device isn't switching the lights anymore.

The PCB has holes for both this type and a more usual vertically mounted relay, there has to be some equivalents.

Can you help identify a proper replacement? I'd like to try to fix the device. Thank you all in advance.
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