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Default Re: The Hall of Shame - Nichicon HZ series with H05xx date codes

Originally Posted by Uranium-235 View Post
Those XFX 7000/8000 cards almost ALWAYS had bad caps. I had next door neighbor over a decade ago with three of them
Yeah, XFX really liked to use those crappy GSC/Evercon/Sacon caps on many (but not all) of their 6000, 7000, and 8000 series of cards. In the case of the bad Nichicon HZ I showed, though - that was a "recycled" cap I scavenged from a dead Xbox 360 motherboard. The whole point was to note that 2005-made Nichicon HZ are fairly unstable and like to go bad, but 2006 and newer aren't (at least not yet. )
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