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Default Re: Post your worthless and/or pointless repairs

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
Good point!
Heck, making your own enclosures might give better results than the original plastic ones. Actually, weren't you the one that did that before? I remember a picture on BCN from quite a few years back with some home-made enclosures. I think it was yours, but don't remember 100%. Looked pretty cool, though.
That was me.

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
I have a pair of slightly more "premium" stereo computer speakers from the late 90's, and they aren't too bad at all. They use 3.5" (or is it rounded to 4"??) "woofer" drivers going full-range, and a smaller set of 1" drivers for the tweeters.
The original drivers in these speakers were about that size (92mm outer frame diameter). I was thinking about something that would beat those really expensive Bose computer speakers. There are some Tang Band speaker modules that might do it, but I don't feel like paying that much (close to $70 for a pair).

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
A lot of the cheaper 2.1 systems have a dual-chamber woofer built with one chamber sealed and the other one ported. The "woofer" driver (typically 3.5-4" cone size) is positioned on the wall between these. Given the small cabinet sizes of these woofers, they have the typical double-humped response, with one peak in the 40-55 Hz range, and the other in the 100-120 Hz range. Their bass response also drops off very sharply below 40-50 Hz, depending on design.
So yeah, they do often have a boomy midbass, or at least very exaggerated low-end on voice content.
The really cheap ones have a simple ported enclosure with what looks like a toilet paper tube as a port. One example that I have personally listened to is the Cyber Acoustics CA-3602. On those, turning up the bass control just makes speech impossible to understand, and the bass response drops off at about the same frequency range as the old Dell / Harman Kardon 2.0 speakers like the HK-206.

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
You should.
Provided you can find thin enameled wire easily.
I suppose if you don't mind sacrificing a small DC motor, you can probably get some from there... or scrapped CRT TVs possibly (yoke and focus/pin coils.)
I didn't spend much time looking for wire, but I don't think I have anything in my scrap pile with thin enough wire.

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
Actually, the most that will happen from doing this is you might dampen some cabinet resonance/vibration, especially if the enclosures are rattly and cheap.
These are cheap, but resonance is less of a problem with the new drivers. Putting damping material in modern $10 speakers would be even more pointless, although the set I have sounds better with the speakers in free air than with the speakers inside the enclosure.
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