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Default Re: Power supply build quality pictorial. part 2

Originally Posted by Behemot View Post
The review is still not out, but I think I can share the pics

Corsair VS450 - CWT
Interesting thing is this CAP004DG on one X cap, providing savings on it's safe resistors. GBU406 rectifier. All crappy caps, 180 uF/400 V AiSHi(t) on input; it hovever has CM6805+CM03X which claims to have advanced PFC/PWM requiring cheaper cap and silicon.

Some cheap chinese copy of 13N50 on PFC with PFCD86G diode. Switchers are some 10N50. This all has high Rds(ON), that's the low efficiency of it hitting 80 %, but average is under 80 % thus it has no certification.

TNY177PN for +5 V SB, other crappy caps - small JunFus arround which may be baked by the chip, C(r)apXon2200+1000 uF combo on output. However it has nice beefy diode with nothing arround, so it may stay cool.

Other secondary: double STPS20L60CT/+12 V, STPS30L45CT/+5 V and finally magamped MBRF2045CTG for +3,3 V. Sitronix ST9S429 aka Unisonic Technologies S3515 secondary monitor. Mostly 2200+1000 uF C(r)apXon/AiSHi(t) combo.

It has actually very good voltage control on crossloading, voltages varied even less than on combined control (aprox. 2 % vs 3 %). Ripple is within 60 % of spec (very low on +12 V). BUT. The -12 V rail may be very problematic. Loading it with 0,36-0,38 A of mine Papst fan between -12 and +5 V made it oscillate like hell. I haven't checked at 0,3 A precisely but I think it may have strong problems as well. It's feedback is connected to +3,3Vs voltage-wise and to +12Vs current-wise.

Built quality is not that good providing it's the cheapest Corsair has, but it's not actually dangerous or something.
Where I work, we had a Corsair VS450 that had its fan almost seized.

The fan was barely moving and the PC was buzzing due to vibrations from the dying fan.

We have bought ~ 15 Corsair VS power supplies (CWT platform) and none of them had its fan fail until now. Some of them failed due to dried primary caps (Aishi 400V).

I knew that Corsair/CWT put Yate Loon fans on VS series, so I was shocked to find a Chinese crap fan inside this unit:

Nobody cracked open this psu before, the warranty sticker was intact.

Lessons learnt from this story:

Brand/model matters a lot! It is not a random incident that this fan died while the Yate Loon fans on the other units keep going.

Corsair and other companies should never be trusted. It is acceptable to change cap manufacturer during production of a model, but sending a psu for reviews with good quality fan and then years later randomly switching to terrible fan brands found on crap power supplies that cost 15-20 euros is plain fraud. If, for some reason, they had trouble sourcing Yate Loon fans they could switch to similar grade fans.

Please correct me if I am wrong and this is not what it looks to me: a typical crap Chinese fan
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