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Default Re: Thermaltake Purepower HPC-420-102 DF

Originally Posted by Per Hansson View Post
This is sort of marketing speak to tell you that the PSU is of a more modern design and should be able to accept a power hungry CPU on the 12v rail with little load on the 5v and 3.3v without going out of regulation.
I did think it had something to do with being a more modern PSU, but when i saw the 5v rail was more powerful than the 12v rail, i started to think it meant something else, but i guess my initial suspicion was correct.

I'm not loving the output side heatsink, needs a bit more "beef" I think. All in all, though it's at least a credible 300W-350W PSU, and with good cooling, maybe its full rated power.
This unit does have two fans, one mounted in the usual location on the back, and the other mounted over the primary heatsink with some overlap with the secondary, so maybe that's why they used a smaller heatsink, but maybe i gave this PSU too much credit, as i am not a expert at these things and just do these posts so fun and also to maybe learn a thing or two in the process.

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