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Default Re: Thermaltake Purepower HPC-420-102 DF

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
Well, looks like Per, PeteS, and Dmill already answered that...
Yeah, i guess thats what i get for saying 'i'll probably be told if it does have any meaning'. Though i find it a bit funny to have that one question answered 4 times by 4 people.

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
I was wondering why this PSU looked somewhat familiar. /snip/ this is a Sirtec / Sirfa -made PSU. I believe it is a "High Power" series/design.
I was wondering who made it, but the UL number is no longer associated with anything on the UL product IQ page, however, googling it took me to this old Badcaps post, which then led me to this JonnyGURU post which has a bunch of common PSU UL numbers with what manufacturers they were associated with, which might be helpful since UL doesn't seem to keep a permanent record of these things.

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
...don't change the values too much. For the 10 uF cap before the PI coil, you could probably increase that up to 330-470 uF and not very low ESR...
There isn't really a lot of space to mount any capacitor wider than 6 or 7 mm, since it's in a bit of a tight spot.

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
Well, still give it a try at re-building, if you have the time or would enjoy doing it. Probably put some wires on the output first and see how the PSU runs with the original caps...
I haven't done a full test yet, but i did do a no-load test and it seemed to have passed that (5VSB came on, PSU fired up when PSON was pulled low). Now one thing i have to point out though is that whatever solder they used for this thing, seems to be highly prone to cracking under any mechanical stress, i'm guessing it must be a cheap or early lead free solder since I've head that stuff had similar issues with cracked joints. I also swapped out some of the tiny capacitors on the primary side before testing, because they were testing with really high ESR (compared to new/used parts), which was a "risky" move, since i didn't know if the PSU worked beforehand. But it appears to have worked out in the end.
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