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Default Re: Thermaltake Purepower HPC-420-102 DF, Recap and new cables

So i finally got some replacement caps for this thing, so here is the recapping, plus the new cables for this thing.

5VSB - Teapo SH 1000uf 16, Teapo SEK 470uf 16v ⇒ Rubycon YXJ 1000uf 16v, NCC KYB 470uf 16v.
12V - Teapo SEK 10uf 50v, Teapo SC 2200uf 16v -> Rubycon YXG 10uf 50v, NCC KZE 2200uf 16v.
5v - 2x Teapo SC 3300uf 10v -> 2x Panasonic FS 2700uf 10v.
3.3v - 2x Teapo SC 3300uf 6.3 -> 2x Panasonic FS 2700uf 10v.
-12v - Teapo SEK 470uf 16v -> Rubycon ZLH 680uf 16v.
-5V - Teapo SEK 10uf 50v -> Rubycon YXG 10uf 50v.
I also replaced pretty much all the smaller caps on both the primary and secondary side (forgot to document them all), and out of all the Teapo caps i replaced, only about 2 of them were still what i'd consider to be good, most of the smaller ones had high ESR, and the 3300uf ones had high leakage.

And lastly, the new cables i attached came from a couple of damaged PSUs, and the cables are as follows:
20-pin ATX cable (18AWG).
2x Molex cable (18AWG)
4-pin 12v motherboard cable (20AWG)
1x Molux plus 2x SATA cable (20AWG)
If it doesn't seem like a lot, then just know that it was all what i had lying around at the time, and i could add more if needed, but for right now, it should do.
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