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Default Re: Power supply build quality pictorial. part 2

Had this PSU planned for a KT133A build with a recapped ECS K7VZA rev 3, and a 1100MHz Duron (wanted a ceramic chip specifically, and the only ceramic Athlon I had is dead as a doornail ) and figured I should post it here since I don't think it looks to shabby.

For those curious:

- transformers are from an discarded Allied unit (it's one of those PSUs I've done over the years) and are their real advertised sizes (ERL35, and 2x EEL-19 from what it reads on their top sides)
- BJTs are 2x TT2194, as well as a standard CET CEP2N6 FET for 5vSB.
- secondary sillicon: 2x SBL3040PT for 3.3v and 5v, STPS20S100CT for 12v.
- Sanyo WG 1500uF 6.3v for 5vSB.
- fan is a thermally controlled Xinruilian LP
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