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Default Re: Power supply build quality pictorial. part 2

Originally Posted by PeteS in CA View Post
400W? No. The heatsinks might be good for 300W, but that main transformer and 470uF input caps put the practical continuous power in the 250W range, IMO.
That's a 35 sized transformer though (not the puny 33 that most Deer/L&C usually ship with), so apart from the main caps, I'd put it at 280W continuous and 300 peak. Maybe 300 continuous if I could bump up the main caps (and if I had an ESR meter to check if some 680uF primaries I found would suit it)

But considering that the machine itself barely hits 250W probably (1x HDD, 1x DVD drive, FX5200 AGP, LAN, TV Tuner and a 1.6GHz Duron), I don't really think I have to tinker with it further than installing it back in the case and using it.

And 400W... yeah, that's a no from me too.

300-350W with upgraded primaries, since the sillicon seems up to it, and I trust the 35 size transformer to do so too.

(double checked and it indeed IS a real 35 sized trafo, unlike Allied's stupid practice of masking a rounded 28 sized trafo as 35 size - yes, some of the newer units they were making (some Rosewills being good examples) had a rounded 28 transformer passing as 35. Only upon noticing there was too much free space between the main transformer and the one next to it, (and comparing to a real 35 I have from another Deer, marked LT535-something + ERL-35ASH) I found out it's a 28. Talk about saving a penny, as the sillicon and othrr parts were way overkill for that 28.)

Anyways, I might post up a Sun Pro/Leadman next. Doesn't look too bad to me IMO, but the driving transformers are small compared to the main transformer (which for whatever reason, Sun Pro decided to slap an actual EI-40 transformer out of the blue ). Gotta see if it passes the startup blow test, though last time I took it out of the case, the only things wrong with it were bulging 5vsB and secondary caps, nothing else looked shorted.
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