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Default Re: Power supply build quality pictorial. part 2

Welp, the Sun Pro got scrapped. 5vSB had an issue where it would constantly tick, despite being recapped.

Instead, I've taken my time to open up an unit I wanted to work on for quite some time. Rhis is a "HKC" SZ-430PDR unit.

I'd guesstimate 300W continuous and 350 peak? Main switchers are D304X, main transformer is ERL35 and the drivers look beefy enough. A recap is in order of course (I have saved some Rubycon and Panasonics) although the primaries will stay (IIRC I got those out of a beefy Rasurbo unit that had bigger issues with the secondary side)

Also has PFC coil (and it's real!) and a Shenzen Xin Wang Electronic fan (which I'll probably replace with a Young Lin/ Recom branded fan). Mains filtering was redone by me (unsurprising since the original positions are done by a bunch of monkeys) and the 2200uF Jun Fu on the secondary is also my work (the only 2200uF 16v cap I had on my hands..) but otherwise the rest is as bone stock as possible (except the fan which I had it from a scrapped RPC unit that was so gutless I wouldn't have trusted it near anything ATX.)
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