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Default Re: Power supply build quality pictorial. part 2


I'll say this as long as necessary - don't be fooled about the ERL-35-2005 labeling and the transformer shape - that is a rounded ERL-28 transformer which Deer uses to fool people into thinking they have an actual 35 sized transformer. If you have trained eyes, you'll easily notice the rather big free space inbetween the main transformer and the one close to it. An actual 35 size trafo WILL FILL that space.

Also it doesn't surprise me it's Allied who does that. They've been doing this absolute BS of using rounded 28 size trafos for almost as long as I could encounter. The only Allieds I've seen that actually had real 35 sized transformers were usually either Modecom FEEL-III units and some of Thermaltake's Litepower units that were subcontracted to Solytech (not all Litepowers were Deers, by the way.)
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