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Default Sharp LC70LE747 Flickering - darkening gradually to the right side


I can not pinpoint the following problem on my Sharp TV LC70LE747E.
While the left side of the screen is not affected at all the right side of the screen gradually fades to a kind of dark. I can best describe this darkness like a totally worn out CRT display or a gamma correction totally out of range. This darkness flickers like a flame, a dark one tough.
Sometimes when I restart the TV it disappears for a while.
The problem worsened over time the last few months.

I've replaced the t-con module without success. The problem remains.
I've checked as good as possible for bad contacts cables and ribbons by moving them and applying contact spray. No difference.
I've checked on poor joints or some mechanical failures on PCB's by ticking on them with the grip of a screwdriver. No difference. Wiggling the panel doesn't make any difference either.
I've heated all pcb's with a hairdryer, no impact. I've cooled the pcb's with freeze spray, no impact.
I've checked the 2 output voltages PNL 12V and UR 13.2V on the power supply to the main board and the t-con board. They are steady and spot on.
I've done a factory reset. No effect.

Since the problem worsened over time it could relate to a degrading capacitor, but that's just a wild guess. I just hope it's not the panel itself since that's not worth repairing / replacing.
Can anyone here give me a clue what I should try next?

Kind regards,
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