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Default Wresting with Deepfreeze and SurferQuest

So I have this Optiplex GX280 that is really giving me a hard time. It was, at one point, installed in one of those crappy ATM's you find in gas stations. They use a hodge podge of security software that really makes it difficult to use the computer for anything else.

For one, they have deepfreeze on there. Ok, thats not that hard to disable, but then they have a custom program written by a company called SurferQuest that is the ATM interface you would interact with. The only problem is, when starting up normally the SQ software starts up instantly and locks down the computer, completely disabling any USB devices (I.E. keyboard and mouse). In dell's infinite wisdom, they did not equip the GX280 with PS/2 ports.

So here's the problem. Its stuck in a loop. I can only make changes to deepfreeze in normal mode. I can boot into safemode and poke around, but deleting or uninstalling anything is useless as deepfreeze just puts it back to normal next boot. I can't make any changes to deepfreeze in normal mode as the stupid SurferQuest software locks everything out.

And to top it off, they either have some sort of setting or software installed that prevents booting from anything other than the hard drive, or this computer is just as big of a POS as it really is, as the CD drive will not boot anything, and trying to boot from a USB drive just freezes up the computer.
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