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Default Re: New tool to find short capacitors on motherboards : shorty with display

Originally Posted by kripton2035 View Post
it seems I will be able to ship a letter with a pcb inside for EUR 5 all around the world without tracking, and 8-9 EUR with tracking. more expensive than china of course but still reasonable.
That's not bad at all. Last I checked it was a lot more.

BTW, will you (or can you) post a STEP file from that render you made? I could get working on designing a 3d-printed enclosure. In regards to an enclosure, some mounting holes would be nice, looks like the board is already going to be drilled for the DIN, though I don't know if that requires a bit change and will increase the BOM. Might be nice to have the USB port on the nano closer to the edge for easier access, but I don't know if you have traces running on that side of the board. Unbolting the case to upgrade also isn't that terrible of an outcome. + and - would also be nice on the silkscreen for the 9v connector.

The other thing I'm thinking of is how best to mount the LCD, it sits back a bit on the board in relation to the other components, but it could be attached with ribbon cable and mounted off the board.

Can't wait for this, it's a tremendous innovation. Interested bare pcb or populated.

Here's two of my designs
Note on this one how I thinned out the wall to allow USB access.

I don't know if this tool would be best standing up or laying down (like your case) on the bench though. What do you think is an ideal probe cord length, the shorter the better? Is there an advantage to being able to put the device next to the work?
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