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Default Re: Fixing a laboratory waterbath

Thanks for the replies.

The waterbath wouldn't turn on. The transformer input read 120v but nothing at the output. Someone from reddit kindly made this diagram of the PCB:

The line where the black spots are (bottom) was rewired and the system worked. However, wiggling the transformer caused the screen of the device to turn on and off. Unfortunately, I broke the pins of the transformer while trying to remove it to remake the connections.

I now have to get a new transformer. I was not able to find any specs for the old transformer. It states 15v/20v/8v on top. The reddit user who made this diagram said it's either 15v or 20v. Is there anything else I should be looking at aside from the input and ouput voltages when purchasing a transformer? Does it have to have 6 pins on the output? Is it possible that the some of the pins output 15v and others 20v? Is there any test I can make with my multimeter to guess the ouput voltage of the old transformer? I d love to hear your thoughts.

As you can probably guess, I have a very basic knowledge of electronics.

Thank you!

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