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Default Re: Strange resistance readings on Radeon RX6800 VRM

TBH, I'm not too familiar with these newer gen GPUs, so perhaps it is possible that this one phase is not connected to the others. Have you traced the MOSFETs for that phase to see if they are exactly connected like the MOSFETs on the other phases (and to the same controller)? I think that might be the first clue in telling if that's part of the GPU VRM or some secondary GPU VRM. I do agree that it's strange that only this one coil reads higher resistance, though. I'd expect to see at least another phase in parallel with it, if it was to be some secondary GPU VRM rail. On the other hand, if all of these phases were to be connected together, then the only way that higher resistance would be there is if the copper trace from the coil to the GPU chip has burned and gone high resistance... which I think would be highly unlikely.
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