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Default Attempt to repair AMD FirePro

Hello guys,
inspired by this excellent tutorial made by dicky96 (this thread), I have decided to try to diagnose and repair faults AMD FirePro v4800 graphics card. This card is about 10 years old and I have another fully functional one, so this should make repair attempt a bit easier.

First of all, I have checked for shorts and compare as much measurements as I could (multimeter in diode mode) to the working one and couldn't find any significant difference.
So, when plugged in the motherboard, card is not detected and there is no picture on the screen.
Since I don't have an extension cable, I need to make all voltage measurements when card is plugged in the motherboard, so not all places are available.

First a bit history. These cards are known for its fan as a weak point. If operated in a dusty environment, the fan fails after two or three years, causing the overheating problem. This card had overheating issues and it worked without spinning fan for who knows how long before it simply failed.

After card is plugged in the motherboard and power ON, I was able to measure 12 VDC on two smaller black coils. They are part of the input circuit and together with green electrolytic caps they represent input filters. On two bigger coils I have measured stable 1.1V, and on the coil far right (marked with 1R0) I have measured 0.9V. So, it seems that all voltages are present, but there is no picture. I also noticed that GPU develops a lot of heat, and it is noticeable more hot than working one (even with replaced fan).
Is it possible that GPU is faulty because of overheating?

Is it necessary to try to find 1.8V when voltages are present on all coils?
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