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Default Re: AC / DC ADAPTER upgrade?

More that likely, that would -not- be possible.

Some of these adapters (at least laptop ones) do have current limiting protection (OCP) on the output. They can do a slightly higher "burst" current for a very brief moment without the OCP circuit kicking in... but certainly not continuous.

And even with adapters that don't have OCP, you will still very likely run into the adapter's over-power protection (OPP). After all, 1 Amp @ 36V = 36 Watts. 2 Amps @ 36V = 72 Watts. The designer would have to have been very sloppy to not make OPP catch that kind of difference. And even if they were, you're now drawing 2x the power the adapter was supposedly designed for... so things are bound to overheat and fail, unless the adapter was grossly over-built for its rating... which generally doesn't happen due to costs. In other words, if the adapter could do 2 Amps @ 36V, the manufacturer would have labeled it as such and sold it for a higher price as a higher power output adapter.

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